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Vid: Real

Vidder: Loki
Title: Real
Song: Real
Artist: Macy Gray
Warnings: none
Category: Tribute
Characters/Pairings: Ensemble
Summary: A tribute to Supernatural cast and crew.
Length: 2:42
File Size: 79,5 MB/ 177 MB HQ
Links: YouTube | Imeem | BVV | Download 79,5MB | 177MB HQ Megaupload
Vidder`s note: I made this video for March SVS challenge, which theme was Outside the Box - Self-Innovation
So, our mission was to make a video, like no other we have made before. So, this is my “new” video.
The story behind it is simple as it is – I was rewatching movie “Domino” because I wanted to make a remastered version of my crossover video, and then I saw this “end credits” thing in the movie, which I loved. Well, I loved all the editing in that movie, but that part just got me. So I decided to make something like this, besides, I really loved the song. I choose most of the characters that we`ve seen through 4 seasons, and I made a tribute to the cast and crew. Well, from the crew team I put in my video just Eric Kripke, as the creator, and, *sighs* Kim Manners because…Just cause. I couldn`t not to put him in this video.
So, why this video is innovative for me?
→ I`ve never done something like tribute videos before. Well, there`s one video that I`ve never posted before, but it was more like a game with the effects, so it doesn`t count.
→ I`ve never used this kind of editing, I mean, this names and stuff. Also, I very very rarely use “old film” effect. I just wanted to make it look like in the Domino movie as much as possible.
→ The song. Erm…actually, I don`t like Macy Gray, though I don`t know her songs like at all oO But I have to admit, that most of the times the songs that I use in my videos are more rock, or absolutely different – too calm. I think this was something different.
→ The characters. I`ve never done a video before that doesn`t focus on Dean and Sam in any way. But I have to say it was pretty fun :)
→ Stop frames. Well, this is more like a technical side of the video, but I guess I`ve never used stop frames before. I loved it ^^

I feel so breathless
All this running around
Tender traitor
With my cruel crown
My cards are on the table
I need

Real love, Not some fabrication
Real love, not just indication

Tell me how you want to make me feel
I took the rules down, put away the game
Kinder distance, to the love we made
and I'm building up the fire
I need
I need
I need

Real love, not some fabrication
Real love, not just indication

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