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Entire freaking 2008 year of vidding.

Ok, it`s already a little more than a year, but still... =)
It was the coolest time in my life, sonce i opened Vegas first time. I couldn`t even imaine that vidding will become my passion #1. So i think now it`s time for meme =)

Mostly it`s SPN videos, btw.

Vids made in 2008
*sorted by release date*

I Will Remember [Sam & Dean]
Until The Truth becomes A Lie [SPN\Domino crossover]
I`m Not The man I used To Be [Dean, RED, Sam]

Wait For Me - Promo [Ensamble]
Something About You [Dean & Sam, evil!Sam]
The Light At The End Of A Tunnel [Ensamble]
I Did It For You [Sam, Dean, RED, trickster]

Don`t leave me Alone [Sam, Dean, YED]
We Live Like This [Ensamble]
The Hole Is Where The heart Is [Sam, Dean, Andy, girlsgirlsgirls]

I`ll Follow You Into The Dark [Sam and Dean]
The Last Goodbye [Sam\Dean WINCEST]
At The Crossroad [Open credits]

Stay [Dean, Sam, Jo, Bobby, and the blond-girl]
Forgiven and Forsaken [Sam & Dean]
Left Me With Life In Hell [Sam & Dean]

In A Mirror Distorted [Sam& evil!Sam]
These Secret`s I`ll Give To You [Ensamble]
Premonition [Sam, Dean, Bobby]

Forever Young "Shelter" movie [Zack/Shaun]
Afraid Of Waking [Ensamble]
What Lies Behind Those Eyes [Sam & Dean, demons]
Shadows and Regrets [Sam & Dean]

Black X-mas [Ensamble]
Keep On Breathing [Sam & Dean]

Even In Death [Sam/Jess]
Time Has Come (promo) [Sam & Dean]
Three Of A Kind [Dean, Bella, Sam]

Sorry, love, Daddy [John and Dean, ensemble]
Right Through Your Eyes Dark Angel [Aleck]
The Light That Fills The Emptiness Queer as Folk [Brian/Justin]
All In Your hands [Sam, evil!Sam, Dean, YED]

Where We Gonna Go From Here [Dean\Sam - WINCEST]
Searching For The Light [Dean, Sam, Bobby, Lilith, Castiel]
On The darkest Side Of The Sun [Dean, Sam]

I Have Forgotten Where You Have Not [Dean, Sam]
Yesterday I Died [Sam, Dean]
In My Heart I Have Hope [Dean/Sam - Wincest]
Here With Me [Sam, Dean, Ruby]

My favorite video this year (of my own):
I think it`s "Don`t leave me alone", just because i tried something new. And i still can`t understand how someone like me made something like this xD Anyway, i think it was very interesting. Also i love my "premonition" vid, cause i pulled out the story quite nice. My "Stay" video, because i played a lot with the sound, and i think it was quite well. I can`t name just one video because there`s a few ones which i like in different ways. Also i love my "I`m becoming untouchable" video, which i haven`t posted yet.

My least favourite video this year:
"I`m not the man i used to be" maybe. It was my first time i tried to make evil!Dean video, and i think i sucked xD Also "We live like this". I love the song, i love the episode (it was 112 "Faith" recap video) but i think i didn`t make it as good as i could.

Most successful video
The last ones i think. In one hand, for me the most successful vids are "Don`t leave me alone" for the technic and the story, my "Stay" video for the idea and the style, "Three of a kind" for the story, which was quite crazy :D
On the other hand, my "Shelter" video, "Forever young" is the most successful and i still don`t know why. Maybe because there`s no many videos for that movie?

Video most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion:
Haha, hard question. I think "Something about you". I liked the story, the situation, but maybe i didn`t make it as good and clear as it needed. Also "In a mirror distorted". I really loved this twisted story, but yeah - i guess it was hard to "see" where was good Sam and evil Sam.

Most fun video:
Lol, "Premonition". I spent the whole night trying to figure out the story, when which day was and so on. But i`m kind of proud of it, because i managed to do it. Also my "Stay" video, which i made like in one night. I was very crazy about the story. C`est la meme chose with the "Until the truth becomes a lie". And the same thing with the "Don`t leave me alone" because of this texture-symbol thing. These videos just blew me away, and i had a lot of fun making them.

Video with single sexiest moment:
Hmmm....i guess my wincest vids, and yeah - Shelter video. Just because of the original movie :D
But then again - i have a few vids which i haven`t posted yet, and there`s one with pretty hot sex scene. It`s a wincest. I guess you`ll see it soon ;)

Biggest vid fail:
I guess my "Wait for me" promo. I wanted to make something simple and a lot like movie trailer, but i failed. Also "Something about you" - i expected more from this vid and the story. I think there`s nothing else to say)

Hardest video to make:
Every vid where i used motion blur effect xD Seriously, my Sony vegas just can`t stand it, and i hardly can render vids with this effect. So that`s why it`s "Even in death". I like the story, and it was pretty hard to get Jessica`s scenes, because i`m not too familiar with FNL show. Also it was pretty hard to make "Keep on breathing" - the song is very emotional for me and very meaningful, and when you think about it...Guh, motion blur sucks xD

Most unintentionally telling video:
A-ha...and what`s that? oO Lol, i don`t know either what that question means, so i can just guess...But i`d say "keep on breathing". Just because it is. I really don`t know about other vids.

The things I've learned this year:
- You can do everything in your video. The story, the image, the effects...If you want it, you`ll do it.
- Many effects in your video not always good. Especially if it`s an AU video. Thanks everyone for that, now i understand it :D
- As Dayl said, vid for yourself. If you like what you do, the other will love it too. And if you like the song, or the story, you`ll make it as good as you can, just because you really want it. And yeah - it`s true ;)
- Try something new. New genres, new ideas, styles, etc. It`s always nice to move forward, and it`s always interesting.

for 2009:
- Try Adobe Premier. It`s a hell of a program and i really wanna beat it.
- Try other fandoms, tv shows, movies. Most of my videos are Supernatural ones, and i don`t say i tired of it, but i`d like to make something new.
- Try to make not only AU videos, but also some "theme" videos, with deep meaning, emotion.
- Try to play not only with effects, but also with the editing. As i said, it`s not always good when your video is just like one big flash or effect. So yeah, deep meaningful videos with simple editing :P
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