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vid commissions

Hey there guys! Long time no see wow time does fly huh.

I'll have a bit of free time very soon so I'm opening a few vid commission slots. If you always wanted to see a video for a certain fandom with a certain song - here’s your chance to get it and in the process you will help me out immensely! /try sounds more like a self advertisement haha/

I’m charging ~ 20$ for every 30 seconds of a video. The price is negotiable, depending on what kind of video/fandom you want (e.g.a Supernatural video would cost more than a video for a movie, because I would have to go through 11 seasons of footage rather than just a two hour movie, you get the idea). That way a 2:30 video (a full length trailer) would cost approximately 100$ and a full length song around 140-160$

So far I’ve made videos for Supernatural, Captain America/Marvel, Sherlock BBC, Doctor Who, Merlin, Elementary, White Collar, Daredevil, other tv shows and a bunch of different movies. I’m willing to try a lot of new things, though it might take me some time to watch a tv show/movie if I’m not familiar with it. I’ve made general videos, character studies, trailers for fics (fun times!), a couple of crack videos (though let’s face it: blood and tears and general misery is my jam), promo videos, you name it.

HERE'S the tumblr link if you're more active there and would like to think of reblogging!

Paying is via paypal only.

If you have any questions please contact me here on tumblr, on youtube or via e-mail: loki-toki at hotmail dot com

I will love you forever for spreading the word ♥

Thank you in advance!

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Woah look who's here

Wow it's been so long since my last post /o\ I guess life happened? Oops.

After talking to a few friends of mine (you know who you are! ♥ ), I thought I'd make a post here, too.
I'm in a bit of a rough patch financially right now, and while it's nothing very bad, I still could do with a bit more cash. I also have a bit of free time on my hands and instead of spending it stressing about things, I'd rather spend it trying to solve my problems.

I was thinking about opening a small video-commission. I have two fan-video projects I need to finish by the end of the year, but other than that, I'm pretty much project-free. So I thought I'd offer to make videos for whoever would be willing to buy me (haha). So the question is, would anyone be interested in it? I was thinking about the prices, and decided that a flat rate would be best for fanvideos and personal negotioations for everything else. I was thinking about 20$ for every 30 seconds of a video, the price might change depending on the video (i.e. the amount of sources I'd have to use, etc). How does it sound? I'm asking because I've never done it before and would love to hear some feedback from you guys.

I just need to get through the next couple of months, so any help/advice would be highly appreciated ♥
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Rise and rise again until lambs become lions

...in which I talk about SPN conventions and other conventions and photos and travels of this summer.

So I've been meaning to make this one huge post, right? I guess it's obvious now that it's not happening but today I've got a whole day to myself and I feel like I haven't had a proper day off in quite a while, so I thought it would be a shame to waste it and not to make a post!

I don't even know where to start, so I guess a bullet list it is. And tons of links and photos and ramblings. What else is new.

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ANYWAY. If I missed anything important please throw a link or two in the comments, I'd love to catch up and read all the stuff :)
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Photos for sale!

I'm still working on that post about my month off with all the photos and con stories, but meanwhile I’m selling a bunch of my photos over redbubble and society6, right now I’m putting up for sale photos of my travels, but I’ll also be putting up some photos from conventions, that have been previously released and not, of Jared, Jensen, Misha and others, so make sure to come back later!
I've crossposted it from my tumblr, so if any of you have an account there +gizallion to your karma for reblogging this and my endless love for the support ♥

society6 *it's a free worldwide shipping today?*


Thanks! ♥

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Yay for posting randomness on LJ! \o/
Let's try to do this thing again.

I was cleaning out my likes on tumblr and they date back to 2010, season 6 of Supernatural, s2 wrap photos of White Collar and I'm like, was it in another life??? It seems like a lifetime ago. Made myself super nostalgic about everything.

Last couple of months were amazing (lots of ups but with some downs, too). I had a great trip to the States in May, then there was Budapest in June (we learnt exactly one word in Hungarian in those 5 days we were there). It was very inspiring and just what I needed. Not to mention DC con and JIB5 in Rome. Wow. Already planning new travels later in the year :)

In other news: I made a little friends-cut as a part of a summer cleaning thing? Just journals that haven't been updated in a long while and people who I don't talk to anymore I guess. So, hey there guys :)

I will try and write more detailed posts about the trips with photos but for now have a random Pinto pic. This is how we have breakfast every morning :P
Pinto! :D

Long time no see

I know right? Ugh I promise I'm gonna make a real post about the month of May, SPN conventions, trips, with lotsa pics and stuff... But for now some important stuff!

A dear friend needs a bit of our help and other dear friends set up this awesome thing called auction. I'm offering THREE videos this time and there's still time to bid. My thread is here, please read the additional info before bidding and you have any other questions - feel free to message me! Thanks lovelies! <3

Friends cut

Last couple of years were pretty busy and I kind of got out of livejournaling (even though I wasn't an active poster in the first place). So in hopes of starting this thing again I did a friends cut. Though more like an all-around cut. Anyway. Usual business - inactive/not updated in a long time journals and people who I don't really talk to anymore. I hope everything is ok with you guys ♥

If you're here for videos and art-ish things:


You can also find me at any of these places:
YouTube | twitter | tumblr | deviantart

Hope all is well.